The history of School of Geographical Sciences began in 1907 with the establishment of the History and Geography Department of “Fujian Superior Normal School”. So far, our school has gone through more than 100 years. In 1952, the Department of Geography was founded in Fujian Normal College. In 1958, Fujian Institute of Geography of the East China Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was established (it was renamed as Fujian Institute of Geography in 1964); in 1970 (during the Cultural Revolution), then the department and institute were both forced to close; in 1972 and 1982 the Department of Geography of Fujian Normal University (later the Department of Tourism and the Department of Land and Urban Studies were set up) and the Institute of Geography were successively re-established; in August 1999, the School of Geography was jointly set up by the Institute of Geography and the Department of Geography (during the year of 2004-2009, the School of Tourism was affiliated to the School of Geography).

A hundred years of glory passed on from generation to generation. Guided by the development strategy of national geography discipline, the college pays great attention to the intersection study of geography and ecology, gives full play to the geographical advantages in adjacent to Fujian and Taiwan, highlights the characteristics of the humid subtropical region, and provides intellectual and technical support for the coordinated development of the national population-resource-environment. Several generations of faculty and staff have made continuous great efforts, therefore, the colleges continues to climb to a new level in discipline construction, teaching and research, teaching staff, and personnel training. It has ranked as the top school   among the similar schools in national normal universities and has become the talent training base and research institution in the fields of geography, ecology and natural resources and has posed great academic influence in the southeastern part of China. Geography ranked ninth in the national third round (2012) subject evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education. Geography and ecology were listed in the ranks of B+ and B- respectively in the fourth round of the national (2017) subject evaluation. In the same year, geography is selected as “peak discipline” in Fujian Province.

 At present, the college has formed a relatively complete discipline and support system. It has two post-doctoral research stations and two first-level doctoral programs in geography and ecology and 7 second-level doctoral programs including physical geography, human geography, cartography and geographic information systems, natural resources, urban and regional planning, soil and water conservation and ecology, meanwhile, it provides 8 master programs, including physical geography, human geography, cartography and geographic information systems, natural resources, urban and regional planning, ecology, land resource management, and subject teaching (geography). For undergraduates, majors covers the filed of Geography science, geographic information science (including Fujian-Taiwan cooperation project), physical geography and resource environment, human geography and urban and rural planning (including Fujian-Taiwan cooperation project), ecology and we has one geography national science basic research and teaching talent training base. The school consists of five teaching units, including the Department of Geography, the Department of Resources and Urban Planning, the Department of Earth Information Science, the Department of Ecology, and the National Natural Science Base Construction Office for Geography.

The college has a high level of teaching and research support platform. Focusing on teaching areas, there are national-level geography experimental teaching demonstration center, national-level university students' off-campus practice education base (Fujian Normal University--Fujian Wuyishan National Nature Reserve National Natural Science Practice Education Base), Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base for universities in Fujian province (Fujian Normal University Ecological Civilization Science Research Center), Geography Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Fujian Province, Fujian Province Comprehensive Geography Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

For scientific research needs, we have Institute of Geography, the State Key Laboratory of Humid Subtropical Mountain Ecology, and the Key Laboratory of Humid Subtropical Eco-Geographical Process of Ministry of Education, Min River Estuary Wetland Ecosystem Positioning Observation Research Station (State Forestry Administration), Fujian Forest Carbon Metering Technology Development and Application Engineering Research Center, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Subtropical Resources and Environment, Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Humid Subtropical Ecological Geography Process for universities; Sanming Forest Ecosystem and Global Change Research Station, Urban and Rural Planning Research Institute, Ecological Civilization Research Institute, Tourism Research Institute, Global Change Research Center, Natural Resources Research Center, Subtropical Wetland Research Center, Earth Information Science Research Center, Population and Development Research Center. Editorial board of Journal of Subtropical Resources and Environment, Fujian Provincial Geographical Society, the Natural Resources Society, the Astronomical Society, the Ecological Civilization Research Association, and Geography Teaching Research Association are affiliated to our school.

The faculty is formed with a reasonable structure. There are 111 full-time teaching and research personnel, including one double-educated academician, one entitled as leading talent of national "Ten Thousand People's Plan", one selected as scientific and technological innovation leading talent, one listed as national young outstanding talents. One got national outstanding youth science fund, two got national talented youth science fund, one is selected by the Ministry of Education as outstanding talent in the new century of, five are listed in Fujian “100 people plan”, five professors are entitled as Min River scholars, 3 are selected as outstanding youth in Fujian Province, 6 are listed as outstanding talents in the new century in Fujian. There are 26 doctoral supervisors, 33 professors (researchers), and 47 associate professors (deputy researchers). The team of “Humidity and Subtropical Mountain Ecological Geographical Process” led by Professor Yang Yusheng was selected as the innovation team of the Ministry of Education, and passed the acceptance test by the Ministry of Education in 2013 with excellent results.

In the past five years, we take part in many national and provincial-level projects supported by fund from 973 Program, 973 Pre-Research Project, State Key Project of National Natural Science of China, the National Science fund for Outstanding (Excellent) Young Scholars, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Fund for Major International (Regional) Cooperation Research, Grant Program of National Development and Reform Commission, and Innovative Research Team by the Ministry of Education and :program supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China with a total funding of nearly 150 million yuan. In recent years, the college has continued to develop its academic advantages and actively assumed the five-year plan for resources and environment in Fujian Province, long-term science and technology development plan, participated in ecological function and main function zoning in Fujian Province, general planning of land use in Fujian Province, sea area use planning around  key ports in Fujian Province, soil pollution survey of Fujian province, evaluation of marine resource value and its application, Fujian Provincial Forestry Protection and Utilization Plan, Remote Sensing Survey and Evaluation of Fujian Province Ecological Change during a decade (2000-2010), Fuzhou (Pingtan) Comprehensive Experimental Area Ecological Construction and Environmental Protection Planning and other research tasks, with a total funding of nearly 80 million yuan

In recent 5 years, more than 280 papers has been published in international journals including Nature, PANS, Global Change Biology, New Phytologist, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, Jounal of Soils and Sediments, Environmental Science and Technology, Plant And Soil, Ambio, Environmental Research, Forest Ecology and Management, The Holocene. We have also published 12 monographs and have 7 patents. The college has won 27 provincial and ministerial awards, including 5 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 15 third prizes.

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